SFF has the following constituency;

1. Film Makers

The festival’s primary beneficiary is the filmmaker who is telling the stories from and about the slums. SFF aims to provide a platform to these artists to showcase their work and to grow the audience of their work. We believe that by sharing stories, African artists will  not only be able to network through the Slum Film Festival platform, but they will also be able to find a wider audience for their films.


2. Slum Communities

SFF will strive to serve as a mirror of life  in the slums to its people. It will provide a medium to tell slum stories and to reflect on their lives. It will  promote talent, provide edutainment, and bring people from outside to celebrate artistic expression in the slums. SFF activities and celebrations will also seek to impact on business in the slums.


3. Cultural Operators and Film Enthusiasts

SFF brings together film enthusiasts, filmmakers, media organisations, film marketers and distributors, government and development agencies all interested in the power of film to bring societal transformation. This convergence of key stakeholders provides an opportunity like no other for both filmmakers to engage with other stakeholders, pitch ideas and network as they showcase their work to the world.

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