Project TitleSynopsisDurationCountry of FilmingProject TypeFirst NameLast NameEmailCountry
Mai GeydaThis is a story about Adama, a 10 years old girl from the Northern side of Nigeria. And it is a story about a day in her life, selling Groundnut on the streets.00:15:26NigeriaShortAdaobiObiegbosiada.a@africanstudentfilmfestival.comNigeria
The theory of dreams00:05:53MoroccoExperimental, ShortAdnaneEL
I cannotChildren from Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo are too tired by all forms of kidnappings they are subjected by force to be recruited into the rebel armed groups to destroy peace in the country.00:01:00Congo, the Democratic Republic of theShortAlifButerinotealifbuter@gmail.comCongo, the Democratic Republic of the
Can't Go The Fisherman has a monotonous life that he shares with his father, who is in need of care. The only way the Fisherman expresses himself and breaks the simple circle of his life for a while, is the act of writing. He writes stories and sends them to literature journals and finally takes part in a competition. As the Fisherman’s story wins the first place in the competition and he gets an invitation to the award ceremony, an unexpected hope glimmers that his monotonous life can change for a while. But only he has to leave his father alone for a few days.00:15:44TurkeyShortAli OzanKISARalikisar@gmail.comTurkey
Never Give UpA young man frustrated with a disability gave him a shock happens and then succeed in breaking all disabilities .00:05:00EgyptAnimation, Feature, ShortAlzamkhsharyAwadAlzamkhshary@gmail.comEgypt
The Cage BirdIt was a lazy summer afternoon when I first arrived there. Cramped in a 10 feet by 10 feet room, 30 divine children were napping snugly after their lunch. Some of them 6 months old, some 8,6 or 12. It is evident that all of these children were born into brothels. In this male dominated socio economic co-ordinate of the society their mothers were compelled to sell their bodies at some point in time, and the child quietly grew in her womb. Ah..the sweet sounding word “mother” could be uttered, even if for once. Their dads remain unknown. Unseen. Untouched. In brothels, the birth of a baby girl brings joy, as within eight nine years she can also be a source of business, and she will be pampered the same way as a cow is hormone fed for more meat. Hazera. The name of a struggling woman. Who has a dark past and an indomitable courage to walk towards an enlightened future. Who has taken up the responsibility of these children almost by herself. From mentally challenged school going Asma..Hazera is a mom to all these thirty children. These butterflies born into the darkness..will they remain in darkness ?00:13:50BangladeshDocumentary, Experimental, Short, Television, Web / New Media, OtherAshrafShishirashrafshishir@gmail.comBangladesh
PUPS PUPS is the story about the well known Spanish boxer Javier García Roche and his struggles to help three young men to become better persons in life through boxing. It is not a story about epic wins or victories but the story of people who have to overcome some serious difficulties in their lives because of the families they were born into, the poverty and the marginalization.00:29:35SpainDocumentary, ShortNuriaAguado
HEAL INDIAHeal India is a documentary project that reveal the hygine condition of Indian rural and Urban slum area. How they eat, live in a dangeorour conditions in India. What they need is Heal and we campaigned it HEAL
ColourmakersIn a gray world where communities shut themselves in from diversity by building stone walls, a tireless girl fights for color, reaching out to stray outsiders to ultimately bring down the walls by way of empathy and compassion.00:09:00Animation, ShortCarlosAzcuagachazcuaga@gmail.comMexico
Trash CashJohn Kizito runs away from his family because he was being mistreated by his step mother. He finds solace at one of the landing sites of Kampala Suburbs of Ggaba. He picks scrap for his survival and sleeps under capsized boats and abandoned buildings. He has a future that is too bright to believe in.00:06:49UgandaDocumentary, Feature, Short, Studentdanielechwaludanielechwalu@gmail.comUganda
The Floris sistersRose Floris, 75 years old, hospitalized for cancer treatment, is eager to put an end to her life. Marguerite her sister, 70 years old, will make every effort to help her achieve her goal…
Dogless.Our story begins in a Police station, one hot summer’s afternoon with the sun beating down on every living thing. A bored cop ends up giving a, not-­so-young, kid a ride, accompanying his dog’s last journey.00:22:00FranceShortJonathanHazandistribution@lesfilmsducygne.comFrance
In RealityA father advises his son to be responsible and get tested for HIV before sleeping with his girlfriend. Unwilling at first, the girlfriend finally agrees but goes alone to the clinic. When the moment comes to reveal the results, a lot more is unearthed. Adapting the traditional style of oral story-telling onto screen, In Reality takes us on a sobering journey of hypocrisy, lies and deceit and the adverse impact such behavior has on the life and health of those involved.00:11:02UgandaShortDouglas 'Benda'Kasuledouglas.benda@gmail.comUganda
Brotherhood Eye A man richness refuses to help his brother in a precarious situation, because for him the friendship is more important than fraternity00:13:00MaliShortMamadou FadialaKeitafadjouse66@gmail.comMali
Fastest Woman in Africa - Rwanda's First Female CyclistThe 21 years old girl, Jeanne d'Arc Girubuntu, from the low class family in the eastern of Rwanda, a country devastated by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, made history of being the first black African woman to compete in the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, VA and in February 2016 she emerged second in the African Continental Championships Individual Time Trial in
"MAKOKO: Futures Afloat."In the heart of Nigeriaʹs fastest growing city,  Lagos,  two  worlds  constantly live  out  the  irony of economic realities. Divided by the  popular third mainland bridge, the bustling  economic part of the city stands adjacent to  makoko – a sprawling fishing community,  floating on the poverty of the city. Neglected  by  the  government,  the inhabitants of Makoko strive  for  a  place in the fortune and future of the city on  the  effort  of  individuals  who  lend  themselves  to  educating  kids  who  otherwise  would  not  have  had  any  opportunity for formal education.00:29:00NigeriaDocumentary, ShortFemiOdugbemifemiodugbemi@gmail.comNigeria
The age of reasonIn Pablo’s world, each citizen chooses his career at the age of seven – with disastrous consequences for society. Pablo and his friends decide to take matters into their own
Troubled WaterSynopsis TROUBLE WATER Director : Govinda Nepal Government data shows Kathmandu Valley demands 280 MLD. Only 1/3rd of the demand is currently met. Daily 220 million litres is extracted from the ground. See what will be the faith of traditional dugwells and stonespouts. We have heard about Melamchi last 30 years when we was a teenager. we have grown old now, still water from Melamchi has not come. What the government is doing? Selling the dreams only? making our issue a begging bowl ? corrupt ! its time to ask why Melamchi could not even after 30 years people ask question. KUKL supplies water extracting from the ground. No work has been done to conserve the source. If the situation continued Kathmandu will subside in 20-25 years. The basic necessities like food and drinking water are in high scarcity. In order to wash clothes, people gather themselves on the banks of Bagmati River. It is much polluted. We do not have any options. We have already confronted the higher authorities and questioned them for bringing about drinking water, but our concerns have been ignored. 00:39:00NepalDocumentaryGovindaNepalgonepal100@gmail.comNepal
RUN"They say life is a journey, not a destination. But what kind of journey is it, when you are caught up in a place like I am." Sipho is a 19-year-old South African youth living in a shabby township, 120 kilometers from Cape Town. His life seems to be predetermined by poverty and hopelessness. Until one day - when a coincidence of circumstances is guiding him on a life-changing journey.00:12:42South AfricaShort,
Outlangish - Skateboarding Against PovertyOutlangish is a South African social project that offers kids from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town an alternative to life on the streets through skateboarding. The sport of skating gives them the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their environment. It unifies young people and will keep them in positive spirits.00:08:38South AfricaDocumentary,
FlamingoDuring Taliban regime's last days in 911 attacks, there was an Afghan woman who wants to steal into Europe via Smuggler, but unexpectedly she found an US soldier and a young following avenger boy while she was leaving the house. The avenger lost his family in different regimes and it makes him suffering from life, he lost his grandfather in soviet war, his parents killed in civil war and the most unacceptable for him was that his big brother killed by Us soldier and the media reported that he was Taliban member. These all make him become an Avenger.00:30:55Afghanistan, ChinaShortShameem AhmadNawberHmdshmm@gmail.comChina
The Special OneA deaf and dumb girl who despite her condition just wants to be happy, her home becomes hell as her father who's suppose to show her love and care becomes her worse nightmare.00:16:58GhanaShortidowuokeniyiidowu.okeniyi@yahoo.comGhana
LunaAndrew and Matt have no home and no money. Andrew is a character who is engrossed in his environment. Distracted by the art of nature and the sky, he constantly finds himself in another world, causing clashes with his friend. Matt forces the two to create havoc and bury themselves deeper into a low socio-economic culture. With Matt’s tenacity to be the alfa, he is constantly bullying and harassing Andrew, leading the two boys to an unforgettable tragedy, leaving Matt utterly alone.00:10:00AustraliaShort, StudentImogenRossimogeneross@gmail.comAustralia
ClassmateA man and a woman meet on a bus. She's an engineer and she's married. He's homeless.00:10:24SpainShortJavierMarcoinfo@javiermarco.comSpain
The ResumeA black man's struggle looking for work and surviving as he goes up against racial, economical, and other negative forces until desperation forces him to do something he doesn't want to do. Told with original music and voice messages.00:11:02United StatesShortJasonMargacajason@v-neckmedia.comUnited States
Djinns, the Spirits of Patras At the heart of a factory in ruins, facing the port in Patras in Greece. Wahid and Morteza, among fifty other Afghans who have escaped the atrocities of their country, try their luck to get to Italy in hopes of a better life in Europe. While waiting, they hide from a repressive police force and confront the "Djinns", the spirits that haunt this old abandoned factory. 00:13:40GreeceDocumentaryjean-jacquescunnacjjcunnac@yahoo.frFrance
Blessing’s StoryBlessing Makwera from Zimbabwe had always been curious about how things ticked. Being a son of a mechanic, anything that could be plugged in, filled with fuel or wound-up by hand, Blessing would take it apart and put it back together. When Blessing was 15, he connected wires to a cell phone battery and placed the power source in his mouth so he would have both hands free to work. In a moment that would forever change his life, this explosive device- a remanent of the civil war in his county, exploded inside his mouth and destroyed most of Blessing’s jawbone, teeth, tongue and lips. This is his inspirational story of his true bravery and the village that walked him through his journey.00:09:00United StatesDocumentaryJenniferTrubenbachjtrubenbach@gmail.comUnited States
Never More: The story of New's DivinIn 2008, a new unified police force was created in Mexico City. Their first operation sought to discover underage alcohol consumption at a Discotheque named News Divine, located on the eastern edge of the city. The operation was poorly planned and resulted in the death by traumatism and asphyxia of 12 minors. In a country were corruption is the law, Never more is a documentary that accompanies the families of the victims in their fight for justice. In doing so, it digs in to the facts of that tragic afternoon in order to expose the systematic failures of Mexico city´s justice and security system00:30:00MexicoDocumentaryJuanSarquisjuan@filmacionesdelaciudad.comMexico
FlamencoVictoria lives the frustrated dreams of her mother in the flesh. While she wants something else for her life, her mother is determined to make her a professional dancer. The story grows as frustration and despair reach the top limit.00:07:44MexicoShortJuan JoséLlamasjuanjo.llamas@gmail.comMexico
PowerlessThis is the story of a family like any other one ... almost "Powerless" or the ordinary life of Jean-Pierre, beaten and oppressed by his wife. A drama that denounces an disturbing truth.00:14:00FranceShortLimaKarinekaelproductions8@gmail.comFrance
Khayalami (My Home)A story about an African woman’s struggle to keep her traditions and customs alive while living in an increasingly Western world. 00:14:40ZimbabweDocumentary, Short, StudentDeniseKhumalokhumalo.denise@gmail.comUnited States
Get Some MoneyGet Some Money is a representation of the bibilical story of the betrayal of Jesus Christ. It seeks to put to light the plight of suicidal beings in an effort to advocate for world bodies, to increase awareness and speak against suicide.00:07:00KenyaShortWanguiNgunjirikoilisa21@gmail.comKenya
OpeyemiA slum dog with dreams of becoming a pilot is humiliated and kicked out of school for not having school sandals. He vents his frustration on his struggling father when his father can't afford a new pair of school sandals. Opeyemi is brought face to face with life as opposed to the life of his day dreams. 00:17:18NigeriaShortLibertusStorieslibertusstories@gmail.comNigeria
Opeyemi.A slum dog with dreams of becoming a pilot is humiliated and kicked out of school for not having school sandals. He vents his frustration on his struggling father when his father can't afford a new pair of school sandals. Opeyemi is brought face to face with life as opposed to the life of his day dreams.17:29:00NigeriaShortLibertusStorieslibertusstories@gmail.comNigeria
LunarThe storm and sea have decided to shipwreck the sailor and his son into the darkest place on the planet, the lunar land.00:04:13EgyptAnimation, Experimental, Short, StudentAlaadinAssemlolowroks@gmail.comEgypt
ROOTSROOTS is a short documentary about the effects of apartheid on black women's relationship with their hair. 00:10:35South AfricaDocumentaryMukundwaKatuliibam.katuliiba@gmail.comUganda
The Street ArtistThe Street Artist is a short film depicting an ageing artist who despite his incredible talent, is disillusioned and in need of inspiration00:07:01JordanAnimationMahmoudHindawimahmoud.hindawi83@gmail.comJordan
Man to manAs Malik is about to become a father, he tries to get closer to Sam, his wife's first son. Two men, two paths, forced into a future together.00:22:40BelgiumShort, StudentMaï
MariamaMariama is a girl from Guinea Conakry who is about to undergo the practice of female genital mutilation. Her father Ibrahima doesn’t agree with it and struggle against his own family and culture to prevent Mariama from suffer it. By Ibrahima’s touching report, the powerfull soundtrack by Fatoumata Diawara and the support of animations, the documentary reaches a very subtle balance between complexity and mildness that makes it a really inspiring tool to analyze the myths and misconceptions about FGM, a practice which affects leads to a massive human rights violation. Acording to UNICEF there are around 200 million women and girls around the world who have suffered it. 00:09:27SpainAnimation, Documentary, ShortUNAFUnión de Asociaciones Familiaresmariama.unaf@gmail.comSpain
Al Nawar“Al Nawar ” a short fiction film that portrays the ‪theme of hope and faith in the face of overwhelming despair through a life of a little girl called Nawarah00:13:03EgyptShortMarwaTammammarwa-mahmoud80@hotmail.comEgypt
FearA boy and his friends are playing in the street. He starts drawing the Libyan map on a wall. This drawing, not only does it drag the kids attention but also that of a tough and a scary looking stanger. He seems mad with it, all the kids run to their homes. The stranger turns what was once a cheerful playground into a terrifying place. The evil man is soon surrounded by the united and the fearless residents who put an end to his hate and destruction and brought the joy back to the street, allowing the boy to finish his drawing. 00:02:48TunisiaShortMelikKochbatimelik.kochbati@elefantofilms.comTunisia
The RandomThe Random is a 20 minute short film about the exclusion of the different individuals in the post revolution Libyian society and the way that every Libyian citizen tries to enforce their own opinion by force. The protagonist of the movie is a common citizen who tries to cope with the different ideologies by changing the way he dresses. 00:20:02LibyaShortMelikKochbatimelik.kochbati@elefantofilms.comTunisia
Near FarThis film is about a man who has the old shoes and when he spray mud on a new shoes, That man has new shoes heat him. he can not do anything against wealthy man. he come to home and heat his wife. All three with the feet without shoes going to
broken pencilsAn ambitious high school student lives with abuse at home. Can he break this cycle of violence or, will it break him? Klyde knows the only way out of small town Namibia, is through education. He experience and witness regular abuse of his mother and his siblings. This in turn has an effect on his performance at school. With Klyde being an introvert, and hard for him to communicate with anyone, can he stand up without becoming part of the problem?00:18:00NamibiaShortcecilmollernoplotproductions@gmail.comNamibia
Wise decisionHugo, 10, tired of the anger of his mother and wanting to see his father back at home, decides to end this nightmare in a way the least unexpected. 00:10:00FranceShortChrisOrlandiorlandi.chris@gmail.comFrance
KAI THE VENDORKAI 11 , and his mother KEZIA 40, shift to a new neighborhood in the shanty town of Ndeeba in Kampala city. KAI vends meat and other snacks but is challenged by the scornful inhabitants. A LOCAL GANG seems friendly and a promising clientele as they support Kai through his initial hardships. An offer to introduce him to a bigger clientele doesn't come cheap as the gang ask for a favor in return. He is taken by surprise when the gang members go to purchase from a shoe shop but end up robbing from the shop attendant. Kai ends up in trouble as the already troubled gang is pursued and arrested by the police. Kai escapes but he is pursued by the unforgiving village mob. Kai has to get himself out of this situation and still pursue his goal of going to school because 'No sales ,No school'.
100 rupeesA role play event at school turns into an obsession for Arvind, a shy ten year old boy living a simple life in a remote village in Karnataka, India, with his mother, grandfather and friends. Arvind realizes that the event could be his best shot at impressing Indu, his so-near-yet-so-far classmate. She makes his heart go cartwheeling though he only admires her from a distance. Convinced that all is fair in love and attraction, he consciously decides to cross the line of integrity. But the path he chooses to seek Indu’s attention brings tears to his mother eyes adding to the woes of his family that is being victimized by a corrupt village official. How far away Arvind drifts from his original world of simplicity, whether he manages to sneak his way into Indu’s heart and how the family gets away from the clutches of a corrupt bureaucracy makes for a thought-provoking climax to the movie. 00:19:33Short,
Because You're Black​Jai and Jana are a young South African couple in love. This Sunday's dinner date is more complicated than a chess game... Not everything is black and white.00:11:55South Africa
I Am Fundi"I Am Fundi" is a short documentary depicting the education system in Uganda and the measures that the organization, Fundibots, is taking to create change. Victor, a Fundi teacher with a challenging past, is changing the future of Uganda by preparing and instilling excitement for science in young children so that when they grow, they will be confident, supported, and prepared for contemporary practices and technological advances. The changes Fundibots is bringing about not only take place in the school system but in all of Uganda. Through their work, they are teaching people to create solutions, not expect them.00:08:42UgandaDocumentary,
Beat out of the BoxAn employee has a deep conversation to himself. He reminds himself what really motivates him. That something that keeps him from his daily routine and far from reality and his monotonous life: Music.00:02:37MexicoShort, StudentRodrigoJassorodrigojasso.91@gmail.comMexico
Mwikali It all started out with 3 guys going out of town for a fun weekend. Mark, our main character just broke up with his girlfriend and his other 2 buddies are determined to get him a new girl. Mark is blown away by the beauty of a girl he meets. They hit it off and it turns out to be a fantastic night. Mwikali is the perfect catch for Mark, but she has a secret.00:11:47KenyaExperimental, Short, Television,
MY HAPPINESSIn Ethiopia, more than 70% of women suffer from physical or sexual abuse in their life time. This film shows the moment, a once happy, young girl trying to find the happiness she has lost due to sexual violence from close family member.00:03:00EthiopiaShortSemagngetaAychiluhemsemagngeta@gmail.comEthiopia
5 Ways 2 DieMakis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.00:15:03CyprusShortDainaPapadakisleepwalkerfilms@yahoo.comCyprus
Bubbles Don't LieThat day started usually. Engineer Cmiral woke up, washed his face and teeth in the bathroom - and suddenly, a strange thing happened. A bubble like from a comic book appeared above his head. Number 6 was inside the bubble. Very soon shown up the everybody in the world had a bubble, but no one knew the meaning of those different numbers.00:04:58Czech
Ghetto SituationsGhetto Situations is a crime drama based in the slums of a small town in North West Province in South Africa called Mahikeng about the life and love life of a drug lord called "Cairo". He ends up giving his friend drugs thinking that he is freeing himself from the life of a drug lord, just to stir more trouble.00:35:26South AfricaShorttebogochologitebogochologi@yahoo.comSouth Africa
DaydreamerMoments before they reach the liberating border, two soldiers are trapped by a sniper closing in on them. The only escape seems to lie hidden in a playful childhood.00:18:49AustriaShortThaddäusReichthaddaeus.reich@rafalstudios.comAustria
Hope landThe daughter of María has been evicted , their faith will be tested by this opposite circumstances. María opens her heart about new religious and spiritual experience to find a ray of hope .00:15:00MexicoShortFranciscoEscobarthemonsterofcinema@gmail.comMexico
A flower is missingInspired by true events, this is the story of a creative Cuban girl, who will help her little sick friend feel better when he is about to run out of medication due to the economic blockade imposed on his country. Metaphorically and in the middle of a musical atmosphere, Ismari will give away flowers through various actions; in order to help her friend and in an effort to solve the injustice suffered by children in Cuba.00:20:00CubaShortTonatiuhRamírez Rochatonatiuh66@yahoo.comMexico
MWANGAMwanga tells the story of Dr. Laura Stachel and her journey to combat maternal mortality in remote Africa. After a trip to Nigeria revealed a lack of electricity in the state hospital maternity ward, Dr. Stachel and her husband established We Care Solar, a non-profit designing portable solar cells to brighten the chances of woman giving birth in some of the most desperate places. 00:14:19United StatesDocumentaryTonyPaulleytonypaulley@gmail.comUnited States
The Sign of PigeonDon Evaristo , a shoemaker , every day you buy your lottery ticket, because he lives in the hope of winning stand to stop the screams of his wife Manuela . After purchasing your ticket, it gives a numerical value to the events that happen around hoping to find the winning number ; unfortunately always it has an error in its interpretation00:10:40MexicoShortChristianCornejotsikri.cca@gmail.comMexico
GOPAL Synopsis (GOPAL) கோபால் is a story of Gopal, who is a trash-picker that is surviving and always striving to be successful in the world he is living. His daily routines is picking up trash, and collecting leftovers of food in the restaurant. This short film is based on a transition of how Gopal reflects everything he sees .00:09:42MalaysiaShort, OtherSherwynn VictorEricvencedorstudios@gmail.comMalaysia
POOP ON POVERTYSet on the edge of the Thar desert and in the middle of world’s biggest camel fair, this film looks at the underbelly of one of the most visited and photographed tourist destinations in the world. The film highlight a challenge faced by 2.5 billion people on our planet everyday – access to cooking fuel. It is also a tribute to human ingenuity and sound environmental practice – turning animal waste into energy that reduces dependency on biomass and conserves natural resources.00:06:30IndiaDocumentary, Short, Television, Web / New Media, OtherVijay S.Jodhavijayjodha@gmail.comIndia
DreamsWhen it becomes conservation in education tool to kill the students' talents.00:15:25EgyptShortWagdyRashedwagdy10eg@yahoo.comEgypt
We Are Not
Moving ForestPalm oil is the cause of massive deforestation in Indonesia. Through habitat destruction, indigenous populations and entire ecosystems are directly threatened. In Borneo and Sumatra, NGOs and local individuals take action on site. : they show us how much has been lost already, but also that solutions exist to counter this absurd destruction. Thus they help us believe that every initiative counts.00:27:00IndonesiaDocumentary,