The jury, which is due for selection this year, will bring a unique perspective and range of experience to analyze and evaluate the film entries submitted.  They will shortlist the nominees in each category and determine the winners.

Last year SFF received over 2500 submissions.  In order to enhance capacity to go through the many submissions, SFF will reach out to partners who can help in the process of shortlisting submissions before they reach the ‘top notch’ jury.  Organisations to be approached include KEPSA, Universities like Kenyatta University, Multi Media University, ZETECH, Kenya Institute of Mass Communications and others.  These organisations will be approached to provide adjudication expertise and student interns.

A key focus in this year SFF will be rigorous documentation and visibility of the process. Dr. Zipporah of the film department at Kenyatta University y will be requested to take lead in the Judging process.