a) Opening Ceremony / Media Event

The purpose of the ceremony is to unveil the nominees of the Awards.  SFF intends to make this event a prestigious display of performances by diverse artists from the slums.  The ceremony will seek to provide strong media recognition for nominees in a bid to make the festival a competitive event across the continent.  This year the venue of the opening ceremony will be Kibera.  SFF should seek a partnership with Kibera Town Project

b) Community Film Screening Events

The highlight of Slum Film Festival is the community events when the festival hosts in the slums.  SFF projects films on a giant inflatable screen during the evening, which is set up in secure open locations like football fields or grounds and where a mass general audience comes together to be entertained and to engage with the films.

This is usually a weeklong experience of a repertoire of films in accompanied by artistic performances, dances, and music.

c) Panel Discussions and themed events

This involves creating spaces, organizing workshops, panel discussions and themed events that address issues facing the film makers, the film industry, and the audience (communities).  These conversations will be held with guest artists, industry experts, and duty bearers.  It may not be feasible to organise multiple events but, SFF will aim to organise one high impact event.