Mission And Vision
Discover, inspire and equip young independent film and theatre artists from the Slums around Nairobi with practical skills to develop and sell their concepts, as well as, use film as a key tool for promoting social change within their communities.Slum Film Festival

The Slum Film Festival does not aim to legitimize the existence of informal human settlements, but to raise more public attention to them while promoting and celebrating the latent creativity of the people who live in such communities.










The aims of the Slum Film Festival are:

  •  To offer a platform for films from slum communities to reach broader audiences, and facilitate disenfranchised filmmakers in joining the international film circuit.
  • To promote dialogue about life in slums that goes beyond stereotyping, using stories from slum communities to promote a more varied discussion on what living in a slum means. The Slum Film Festival demonstrates that slums are also a home for very talented, creative and culturally active artists.
  • For the festival event to become a magnet for media attention, while changing media discourses about slum realities. This media presence can also allow mainstream media to acknowledge the presence of smaller slum-based media content producers, and promote new partnerships.
  • To support the expansion of the festival into new slum locations, eventually coming a networked festival for celebrating the diversity and creativity of Pan-African, and one day Global, slums.





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