SFF2015 conducted moderated and targeted daytime screenings. The screenings normally targeted a small number of people, which ranged between 30 and 60. The screenings were conducted in various community halls across Mathare, Kibera and Kawangware. The screenings entailed the participants watching the films and identifying arising issues and relating them to the environment in which they live in. The day screenings reached a total of 120 people across the three slums, with 30 attending in Kibera and another 30 in Mathare while 60 attended the Kawangware screenings. The daytime screenings took place between 10am and 12 noon. The screenings were based on certain films that highlighted issues that face the community as well as issues that face various countries and which the communities in the slums could easily resonate with and use the issues as a basis for discussion and how best to improve their own lives.

The proceedings of the screenings were recorded on camera for future reference.

Becoming A Girl

The discussions around this film focused on issues that affect and interfere with the girl child towards accessing education and mainly discussed availability of sanitary pads amongst girls in the slums and how the same can be addressed.


The film sought to bring to sight issues around land since Kenya acquired its independence. Participants discussed the associated challenges and how the same could be addressed.

Weeping Ashes

The discussions around this film focused on various social issues ranging from discrimination to the whole issue surrounding the gay people and how they are treated in Africa. The film elicited a lot of discussion on equal and fair treatment to everyone.

Other films screened and discussed include:-

  • The Cart
  • Fakeh
  • Tale of Our Girls
  • Intellectual Scum
  • City of Dynary
  • Mobocracy
  • Yokes
  • Button Eyes
  • Keko the Patriot
  • Liberation
  • 130kms to Heaven
  • The Game of God

Mass outdoor evening screenings

The highlight of Slum Film Festival is the mass outdoor night screenings, which replicates a cinema experience for the slum dwellers. This year was no different, and screenings were done between 24th to 29th October in Mathare, Kawangware and Kibera Slums. For 4 days, the slum communities were treated to a repertoire of films that were nominated in the festival. The slum screenings reached out a total of around 3,900 slum dwellers.

Location Estimated Audience
Mathare 2400
Kawangware 900
Kibera 600
TOTAL 3900