Mass Outdoor Evening Screenings

The highlight of Slum Film Festival is the community events when the festival hosts in the slums. Community events give an opportunity for people here to watch and celebrate award-winning films. These events are edutainment platforms for urban communities with no or limited access to cinematic experience through a weeklong of artistic performances, dances and large open-air screenings of films.

For 5 days, the communities are treated to a repertoire of films – some which were nominated in the festival and others that are pre-selected for screening by the panel of judges.  The focus is on short stories representing and exploring slum realities.  Most of the local movies and slum shots will première here and their authors will present them to the SFF audience.

Moderated Indoor Screenings

SFF2015 moderated daytime screenings had a significant impact as it provided a platform for communities to engage on a variety of issues. The themed screenings take a seminar style approach and run for half a day. The team intends to undertake ten of these across five different slums. The themes will range from business and entrepreneurship, water and sanitation, maternal health, women empowerment, devolution and the youth fund. The screenings will use a film as a basis for learning and will be followed by Q&As discussions and moderations.

The moderated screening will be monitored and key issues will be recorded SFF will capture the information for future use and analysis to determine the impact that the festival is having on peoples lives. Appropriate M& E tools will be developed to realise this objective.