What are the benefits of what we do?

Local film screenings that we organize:

• Empower people of the slums to talk, discuss and explore their issues through film.
• Promote new ways of imagining human potential, and fights against the emerging habit of ‘waiting for somebody to help you’, promoting empowerment from within.
• “Unlock” the potential of people of the slums and allow them to use their ideas, talents, initiatives.

• Encourage young creative people living in slums to consider film-making as an avenue for self- expression, demonstrating that film is not an elitist practice, but a powerful form for telling stories about life in slums.
• Contribute to a film-viewing culture in the slums, increasing the visibility of the arts as a way to address the sometimes crippling complexities of life.


The Slum Film Festival is a joint project hosted by Slum-TV and The Hot Sun Foundation, and supported by World Friends, the Royal African Society, and the Embassy of Spain (Kenya), and the Alliance Française.

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