For the past seven years, the Slum Film Festival has been an integral part in the use of film as a tool to start and stir conversations that help change the perception of slums and other marginalized communities through filmmakers. Through this journey, we have met amazing filmmakers that have passed through SFF and gone on to heavily impact the communities they live in. One such filmmaker is Amina Rwimo.

Amina is a Congolese refugee living in Kakuma Refugee Camp. She has her own production company Exile Key Films with other filmmakers based in Kakuma. We met Amina when she physically brought her film “It Killed my mother” to our offices for official submission last year for the seventh edition of the slum film festival.

“It killed my mother” was shortlisted and eventually won an SFF award for the Best Film In Kenya. The film addresses a pertinent topic, FGM. She addressed the topic hoping to start a conversation on the outdated practice that has cut short many lives from her community.

At only twenty five years, Amina is alreadya powerful voice in the filmmaking scene in the region,raising up her voice to speak up on behalf of not just women but refugees and other subordinate groups.

Amina is a great example of what the Slum Film festival is about, the use of film as a key tool in promotion of social change within our communities.

Amina’s story is an all too familiar story throughout impoverished circles, stories of women and men that did not get to live out their golden years because of outdated harmful practices, police brutality, crime, poor sanitation, lack of access to good healthcare amongst other preventable atrocities.

Through film, we can shed a light on this social vices, and start powerful conversations that will lead to the change we aspire for.

“Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.”– Banksy

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